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Lickety Stik™ is a fun, new way to provide a healthy, all-natural treat for your dog.

With over 500 licks per bottle, Lickety Stik™ is an easy alternative to high-fat, messy dog treats. Just 1 calorie in every 10 licks!

You get the ease of on-the-spot delivery and your dog gets all the benefits and nutrition of this unique treat. Whether you have a puppy, middle-aged or senior dog, Lickety Stik is perfect for all ages.

It is a treat-to-go in a rollerball container that delivers just the right amount of delicious taste your dog will love! So go on. Why not give them something tastier to lick?!

Where can I buy?

Where can I buy?

Pop Lickety Stik™ in your pocket and take it anywhere. Just shake the bottle, remove the lid and hold it out to give your dog a tasty treat. It's that easy!

Lickety Stik is a great reward during training or just because you want to show your dog how special they are.


Where can I buy?

• All natural ingredients with vitamins
• Over 500 licks per bottle
• Only 1 calorie in every 10 licks
• No mess rollerball dispenser
• Handy size - pop it in your pocket or bag

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All around the world people love their dogs and dogs are loving Lickety Stik™.

Picture the scene... you and your dog out in the park together, stick throwing, ball catching, loving the fresh air and exercise. It's been an amazing early morning walk and you wish you'd brought some treats out with you.

Well that's the beauty of Lickety Stik™. It's a pocket-sized treat that's easy to use and above all healthier for your dog because it's very low in calories and tasty too.

Lickety Stik is available in a variety of delicious, all-natural flavours including Bacon, Big Beef and Chicken. Just click the 'Buy it' tab to find out which flavours are on sale in your country.

And the good news is Lickety Stik is now on sale in the USA, Canada, Australia and will be coming soon to the UK and other countries around the PetSafe world.

So if you'd like to know when Lickety Stik will be available in your country for your dog to love, then please leave your contact details here and we'll let you know.

Where can I buy?

Where can I buy? >

Where can I buy?

Where can I buy?